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VILA VITA Pannonia | 12.07.2009

A new addition to the VILA VITA Pannonia family

Exactly on the day of the premiere in Mörbisch, an Austrian-Hungarian Albino Donkey was born. Currently there are 30 donkeys of this breed in the National Park 'Neusiedler See – Seewinkel'. The pair that took residence in VILA VITA Pannonia is now a full-fledged family.

While guests attending the premiere enjoyed their dinner in VITAKELLA, a baby white donkey was born.
These Austrian-Hungarian Albino Donkeys – also known as white 'baroque donkeys' – that have been welcomed by the National Park 'Neusiedler See – Seewinkel' are threatened with extinction. There are less than 300 of these animals remaining worldwide.

These creatures are not only very attractive with their nearly white fur and light blue eyes, but are also important for the history of art and culture. The name 'Albino Donkey' is not quite correct though. Albinos have no color pigments at all, while this type of donkey has been bred omitting only certain colors, thus rendering their fur light yellow and their eyes blue. These mutations are called 'flavism', therefore, these donkeys should correctly be called 'flavism donkeys'. Worldwide, there are only a few dozen of these 'baroque donkeys' left in Austria, Hungary, Germany and some in Switzerland. The reproductive rate of these animals is low: after a year-long gestation period only one foal is born. With careful breeding efforts, it should be possible to preserve this species for future generations to enjoy.

Following an opinion poll among the festival guests, the little donkey was named Mr. Doolittle. The name of the fun-loving Doolittle from the play 'My Fair Lady' was well chosen as the newborn is a very funny little animal himself and a big success among children staying in VILA VITA Pannonia.
The hotel director Bert Jandl comments: 'As there are only a few of these protected animals left it is an especially joyful event for us. VILA VITA Pannonia will continue to support similar projects of the National Park 'Neusiedler See – Seewinkel' in the future.'