History of the VILA VITA Hotels

The history of VILA VITA Hotels dates back to 1980, the year the first teams of ’Deutsche Vermögensberatung’ began to travel to Austria.
Dr Reinfried Pohl, with his wife Anneliese and their two sons, regularly took teams of financial advisors and their families to Pannonia in the Austrian Burgenland. Pannonia thus represents the cradle of this exquisite, small hotel group that today includes five hotels and a vineyard. These hotels are very popular meeting venues not only for financial advisors, but also offer perfect facilities for a variety of conferences and seminars.

In 1990 VILA VITA Burghotel, the first hotel of the group, opened its doors in Dinklage, followed shortly by Schlosshotel Oberstotzingen on the fringes of the Donauried. Only two years later the beach resort VILA VITA Parc on the Portuguese Algarve coast was the newest addition to the group and became an instant success. The stylish luxury resort, a member of ’Leading Hotels of the World’ was named runner-up in the category ’Best Beach Resort in Europe’ by the renowned travel magazine ’Geo Saison’.
In 1993 Dr Pohl purchased the venue of their very first travel destination in the Austrian Burgenland and launched it as VILA VITA Pannonia. Since 1997 the hotel group includes the private vineyard ’Herdade dos Grous’ in the Portuguese Alentejo region. In addition to growing award-winning wines, the estate has started to breed horses as well as cattle and produces excellent olive oils. An addition in 2000 the hotel VILA VITA Rosenpark in Marburg opened.

From the very beginning, Anneliese Pohl took charge of the design and concept development for the different hotels. It is due to her guidance that each hotel exudes its own personal ambience, is built in harmony with the surrounding countryside and decorated with careful attention to detail. The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed and it is not a surprise to see a large amount of return customers booking VILA VITA Hotels on a regular basis.

The group provides more than 651 rooms, accommodating a total of 1590 guests that are catered and cared for by 960 dedicated employees in Germany, Austria and Portugal. The hotel group is directed by CEO Andreas Pohl.